Enhance Consumer Intelligence

Conduct research to understand financially distressed consumers’ choice, consumptive, and financial behaviors

Promote Financial Literacy

Create and manage a tailored suite of programs that provide significant, measurable benefit to consumers

Improve Business Practices

Integrate experimental psychology and behavioral finance into marketing and operational practices

The Consumer Credit Research Institute (CCRI) is dedicated to understanding financially distressed consumer behavior. In collaboration with experts from both industry and academia, we apply tools and methods from statistics, psychology, and economics to answer fundamental questions about financial decision-making. Read More »

Enhancing Consumer Intelligence

Through the application of tools and methods borrowed from statistics, psychology, and economics, the CCRI is designed to be a center of excellence that transforms experimental data into powerful new insights about the cognitions, attitudes, and consumption patterns of financially distressed consumers. Our affiliation with Encore Capital Group positions us to advance a comprehensive and evolving description of this growing demographic segment. In addition to a significant information advantage and aggregate consumer data that describe demographic, account level, and macroeconomic factors related to credit, savings, and payment behavior, our rigorous data collection practices build upon Encore’s unique relationship with consumers.

Promoting Financial Literacy

Consumer spending is the single largest driver of the US economy and, as a result, consumer financial literacy is of critical importance to individuals, households, communities, and the economy as a whole. Traditional approaches to financial education, however, have proven largely ineffective. We believe this performance gap is due, in large part, to a lack of applied research focused on consumer behavior and decision-making. We aim to promote and further financial literacy by advancing research, analysis, and understanding. Insights gained through the CCRI’s work can have an important impact on policy, financial education and literacy, and consumer well-being.

Improving Business Practices

One of our foremost goals is to benefit both individuals and organizations by carefully examining the mechanics of consumer transactions through the lenses of experimental psychology and behavioral finance. We endeavor to develop careful and accurate consumer profiles, and integrate psychological research about judgment, choice, and decision-making (e.g., heuristics and biases, loss aversion, framing, constructed preferences) into business systems and marketplace models.

The Consumer Credit Research Institute is a ground-breaking effort to develop new knowledge about low- and moderate-income consumers using state-of-the-art research and field work techniques.